Exhaust Fan that catches and kills Mosquitoes

Are the prevalent mosquito solutions available in the market effective?

Mosquitoes are a nuisance. We all know that. Come spring, summer or rainy season, we all want to protect ourselves and our loved ones from dangerous mosquito bites. In fact, in most cities across India, mosquitoes are a year long nuisance. So, how are the various available products in the market doing when it comes to providing relief from mosquitoes? Here is the assessment:

Mosquito Repellent: Mosquito repellents are in the market for many many years. However, they are all chemical based solutions. What is the guarantee that they won’t harm the humans? Besides, all these repellents are expensive and involve a daily recurring cost. At the same time, there is no relief from mosquitoes even after using the repellents.

Mosquito Net: Mosquito nets too are in use for centuries. There are now variety of mosquito net such as Mosquito Net for Double Bed, Baby Mosquito Net, Mosquito Net for single bed, Mosquito Net for windows, etc. etc. People use variety of mosquito nets to safeguard themselves from mosquitoes. However, mosquito nets have few basic difficulties such as folding & unfolding, lack of air flow inside the mosquito net, the room looks cluttered, they can’t be used in bathroom or living room or kitchen, fast wear & tear.

Mosquito refills: These days there are variety of Mosquito liquid refills that last for 10-12 days and cost about Rupees 70 to Rupees 75. Again, these refills are chemical based. Therefore, what is the guarantee that they won’t harm the humans? Besides, after initial 2-3 days, mosquitoes get immune to these refills and therefore these refills do not provide relief from mosquitoes at all.

Mosquito Machine: Many electrical products have been launched in the market to tackle the mosquito problem. But all these machines have failed to take off. The probable reasons for their take off are faulty design, limited reach. Therefore, one needs to come up with an effective design that not only simulates the human body to attract mosquitoes but also captures the attracted mosquitoes. 'Mosquiter' is one such product that does this well.


Mosquito Killer Machine

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