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Is Mosquito Net really effective?

Mosquitoes are a big nuisance in a tropical country like India. Barring the few winter months (December and January) in north of India, mosquitoes continue to breed throughout the year across all of India. People across all age group suffer from mosquito bites resulting in dangerous diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika, Malaria, etc. Therefore, it becomes imperative for people to take precautionary measures in order to avoid mosquito bites. 

Government bodies including city municipalities provide mosquito fogging from time to time, however, that is too little and sporadic in nature. Therefore, households across India use variety of precautionary measures to avoid mosquito bites. One such measure is the use of Mosquito Net.

Mosquito Nets are in use since decades if not centuries. People use variety of Mosquito Nets including mosquito net for double bed, mosquito net for single bed, mosquito net for baby, mosquito net for windows and doors. The idea behind use of mosquito nets is to prevent mosquitoes entering the area that mosquito nets cover. A typical mosquito net is made from cotton or synthetic fabric. It comprises of mesh that has holes spread at equidistant. The distance between mesh holes can be 2 mm. These holes make sure that mosquitoes do not enter the covered area whereas air can still continue to flow. Mosquito Nets are sold across all of India online as well as offline.

However, there are some issues that people face while using a mosquito net.


  1. Less Air Flow

Let’s be honest and admit that mosquito nets restrict airflow. When mosquito net is used for a double bed or single bed, the air flow inside the covered area gets restricted. In summer, it feels much more hotter under mosquito net than usual. Why does it happen? Well, we all understand that airflow is restricted whenever an obstruction is placed on its way. Even though, a typical mosquito net has mesh holes, still, the wall that a typical mosquito net creates hampers the free movement of air. Therefore, the airflow volume reduces resulting in less airflow through the mosquito net. And therefore, one feels relatively hot inside a mosquito net in summer than usual.


  1. Folding and unfolding

When we find it difficult to fold our morning bed sheet or cover sheet, how is it possible that we won’t find the folding and unfolding of mosquito net cumbersome? Yes, it may sound easy and many sellers of mosquito net may claim that folding & unfolding is a piece of cake. The fact remains, it’s a cumbersome process. Think practically, wouldn’t it trigger a debate between husband and wife or brother and sister as to who folds or unfolds the mosquito net? It’s an everyday activity and folding and unfolding of a mosquito net will be a herculean task.


  1. Room looks cluttered

Ok, people may decide that they won’t fold and unfold the mosquito net daily. That’s good! But imagine your room now. In a typical 12 feet by 13 feet room, mosquito net over the bed will not only ruin the look & feel of the room but also restrict the usage of room in the day time. People will not be able to use the room during day time because there won’t be any space to sit. One would have to go inside the mosquito net to sit or relax. That’s asking for too much. Moreover, letting the mosquito net on for 24 hours may result in faster wear and tear of the mosquito net.


  1. Can’t be used in Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room

Mosquito net can’t be used in Kitchen, Bathroom, or living room. Come evening and mosquitoes spread across all parts of your home including kitchen and living room. You can’t use mosquito net at these places. In early morning, mosquitoes are present in bathroom as well. And there is no way you can use mosquito net there. A mosquito net is specifically meant for the bedroom, therefore, it’s usage is restricted.


  1. Wear and tear

After all, a mosquito net is made of cotton or synthetic fabric. That too, it has equidistant mesh holes. Therefore, it is inevitable that wear and tear will take place. One would be lucky if a typical mosquito net lasts one year without any wear and tear on it. Some holes will become large thereby rendering a mosquito net ineffective. Moreover, in a household with small kids, the wear and tear may start soon than expected.


  1. Even a single mosquito can wreak havoc inside a mosquito net

During night time, sometimes, we get up to drink water or go to the bathroom. To do that, we will have to open the entrance to mosquito net. This may result in entering of a mosquito or many mosquitoes inside the net. That will be disastrous. In some cases, because of wear and tear, mosquitoes may enter the net. In such cases, it will be difficult to sleep inside the net. Because a single mosquito inside a room has larger space to move around whereas this single mosquito inside a mosquito net has too little space to move around. Therefore, it will become unbearable to sleep inside the mosquito net even if there is one mosquito inside it.


  1. Less value for money

Mosquito net comes in different price ranges. The cheapest one may cost around Rs 600. However, it can wear and tear faster. Most online sellers are pricing their mosquito net products between Rupees 1100 to Rupees 2000. One mosquito net can only be used for one room. Moreover, there is no other value that one can derive from mosquito net. The wear and tear is going to take place. If you are lucky, your net may last for 2 years. However, chances of that are very low.


Therefore, one should definitely consider all the above points before buying a mosquito net.


Mosquiter is one such product that addresses all the above issues. This multi purpose home appliance catches & kills mosquitoes and at the same time provides additional features such as exhaust/ventilation, dual LED.


Mosquito Killer Machine





Are the prevalent mosquito solutions available in the market effective?

Mosquitoes are a nuisance. We all know that. Come spring, summer or rainy season, we all want to protect ourselves and our loved ones from dangerous mosquito bites. In fact, in most cities across India, mosquitoes are a year long nuisance. So, how are the various available products in the market doing when it comes to providing relief from mosquitoes? Here is the assessment:

Mosquito Repellent: Mosquito repellents are in the market for many many years. However, they are all chemical based solutions. What is the guarantee that they won’t harm the humans? Besides, all these repellents are expensive and involve a daily recurring cost. At the same time, there is no relief from mosquitoes even after using the repellents.

Mosquito Net: Mosquito nets too are in use for centuries. There are now variety of mosquito net such as Mosquito Net for Double Bed, Baby Mosquito Net, Mosquito Net for single bed, Mosquito Net for windows, etc. etc. People use variety of mosquito nets to safeguard themselves from mosquitoes. However, mosquito nets have few basic difficulties such as folding & unfolding, lack of air flow inside the mosquito net, the room looks cluttered, they can’t be used in bathroom or living room or kitchen, fast wear & tear.

Mosquito refills: These days there are variety of Mosquito liquid refills that last for 10-12 days and cost about Rupees 70 to Rupees 75. Again, these refills are chemical based. Therefore, what is the guarantee that they won’t harm the humans? Besides, after initial 2-3 days, mosquitoes get immune to these refills and therefore these refills do not provide relief from mosquitoes at all.

Mosquito Machine: Many electrical products have been launched in the market to tackle the mosquito problem. But all these machines have failed to take off. The probable reasons for their take off are faulty design, limited reach. Therefore, one needs to come up with an effective design that not only simulates the human body to attract mosquitoes but also captures the attracted mosquitoes. 'Mosquiter' is one such product that does this well.


Mosquito Killer Machine