Multi Purpose Exhaust Fan That Also Catches and Kills Mosquitoes, Provides Dual LED

How to install

How to Install Mosquiter?


‘Mosquiter’ is a multi purpose appliance that provides 8 inch high speed exhaust fan, catches & kills mosquitoes, and provides dual LED.


Installation steps:


Step 1:

Open one ‘screw’ from the back cover of the ‘Mosquiter’.



Step 2:

Insert ‘Patti’ in the screw and tighten it again. ('Patti' is provided)



Step 3:

Make a hole of 11 inches diameter in the wall or window glass wherever ‘Mosquiter’ needs to be installed.



Step 4:

Insert ‘Mosquiter’ in this 11 inches diameter hole. And hang on the screw. (A screw & wall plug are provided).